Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Purple Bread

I realize that anyone in Hawaii will recognize what this is, but most mainlanders will have no idea.

This is bread.

What? Bread is not purple? This bread is.

This is taro bread, sometimes called poi bread. It is made with the taro root which gives it its very interesting purple color. I took this picture at dinner, and it really does not do justice to the intensity of the purple. My flash kind of washed it out.

I looked up the recipe for taro or poi bread and here it is. You will need to click on the link for taro rolls. Thanks to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the recipe. There is food coloring in the recipe, but it is optional. All it does is make the color more intense than it is naturally. Also a bit more appetizing than it is naturally, as it would normally be a sort of muddy grey purple color.

It really does taste great!


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